Module Parts Diameter Minutes architectual measures?

I was hoping someone can clarify for me. Based from my studies I knows This.

Classical Architecture Scale

60 minutes = 1 Diameter
12 Parts = 1 Module

Roman Architecture Scale

2 Module = 1 Diameter
18 Parts = 1 Module

so my question is in Classical scale how many Modules are in 1 Diameter? 1?

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3 Answers

I found this:

It's not my specialty so I hope you will find here the answer. There is a formula which describes the diameter.

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Quite Interesting thanx for sharing but doesnt have answer I was looking. All structures in ancient world were based on human figure human proportions Even the Classical Temples. The most basic unit was the Diameter of the column at the bottom from that dimension are derived all other dimensions. I wasnt sure how the Modules are related to diameter in classical scale

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Ok I got it.
Classical Scale

1 Diamter =60 Minutes
1 Diamter/60 Minutes = 2 Modules
1 Module = 30 Parts

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