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I want to do the sand casting of cast iron of the model. But i dont know from where i give the parting line.

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I think you'll have the parting line along the blue edges in this image.
For it to work, you'll need to also:
1. Combine all six bodies together into a single part.
2. Add draft angles to the model faces so the pattern can be pulled from the sand.
3. Add fillets to the part. No sharp edges.
4. The left side of the part is a massive chunk of iron compared to the rest of the part. That could cause problems.
5. Scale the model to account for material shrinkage.
6. Anticipate the need for post casting operations like grinding and drilling, and milling to form some of your holes.

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can you make mold for me so dat i know how u place the handle in the mold

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i want to do in i want to we can do the casting of this handle.

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I don't think the part is ready to be cast, but where were you planning to add the sprue and vent? That will help finalize the parting line.

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i dont know dear..all I have to decide. I have to do the sand casting of this handle.. So I am confused dat how the casting will be done

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You could do something like this example.
I've only made a few sand castings, so I'm far from an expert. I hope you've made some before, because this part is going to be tricky. It still needs fillets, draft angles, a fill, vents, and maybe two pins to form the holes.
I think some features would be better machined after making the castings, but I guess you can try it and see how it comes out.

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In my opinion your part design is still far from being ready for casting.
You Need to decide the parting line first.
You Need to add draft angle first. I see None in the existing model.

Next you Need to decide where the parting line will be. That will also effect where you are allowed to put fillet and where not. One possibility could be the Image following, but Keep in mind the red Zone which creates an undercut.

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