Most cost efficient way to mass produce a product made in an STL. format?

I am relatively new to this field, hence the question. I made a part on AutoDesk Fusion 360 and it has hindered exceptional results in the prototyping phase. I have it converted as an STL. file and would like to have it massed produced (over 12000). I think CNC machining or Injection molding would be best suited for mass production but I wanted to insure that my STL.file would convert properly over to those processes.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips in regard to getting this part massed produced?

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2 Answers

STL format is primarily for 3d printing processes so you'll want to convert the native CAD file to a 3d solid format such as STEP or IGES to engage 'mass production' process suppliers.

STL files have faceted surfaces that will be undesirable to most mold makers and cnc houses.

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Like Robert said: The STL format is not for injection molding.
Converting an STL file to another format is not a good idea. Stick with the native 360 file, and save it as another format if you need them.

That said, the model is not really suitable for injection molding anyway. It does not appear to have any draft to help it escape the tooling, it contains tiny features with knife edges, It is also a rather solid mass of material which will likely have sink marks or other deformations as the material cools, but it is a small part, so maybe it won't shrink too badly.

Given the current design, and success, you might consider leaving it as a 3D printed part.
If mass production is the goal, then I'd consider redesigning the part for another production process. Molding, casting, machining...etc. Each has pros and cons, as well as different materials.

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