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I am relatively new to Autodesk inventor. I am thinking of buying it and I took training but I still have to learn a few things,

I have created an assembly with a number of sub-assemblies. I am trying to move whole sub-assemblies to see them in different configurations, ideally saving the configurations, but is too difficult to do it. Sometimes they will not move, sometimes only some parts of the sub-assembly move, sometimes the sub-assembly drags another sub-assembly with it.

Is this not the way it is done, do I have to move the parts within the sub-assembly, not the latter or what am I doing wrong?


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just constrain the living hell out of it

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The cause of that are contraints or joints.
If you have a contraint between 2 sub-assemblys for example, and you drag one sub-assembly the other one will me moved aswell because they're contraint to each other

But its weird that you can move parts from a sub-assembly inside a bigger assembly, that shouldnt be possible unless you have the sub-assembly adaptive.

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To be able to move the sub-assembly from the assembly, you should right click it and set it to Flexible. AND go to the sub-assembly and supress (Not delete) constraints that may fix the movement of that sub-assembly.
If you have a Cylinder inside an assembly and you want to move it, you have to supress the constraint that fix the stem, or add limits to the constraint.
This is a good tutorial to start :

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