MSI Radeon R9 290X Lightning 4 GB GDDR5 is not a CUDA-enabled graphic card, what to do?

I want to render some Soldiworks CAD models via a render tool called “Soldiworks Visualize 2017”.
I have a very powerful “MSI Radeon R9 290X Lightning 4 GB GDDR5” graphic card ready to do just that.
All is good except that as can be seen in the attached screenshot, the program considers my graphic card a non CUDA-enabled graphic card and so it uses my weak CPU to do all the renderings instead! Simply put, it does not use my GPU in renderings at all!
Regarding CUDA, how can a very weak and old “GTX 260” be a CUDA-enabled graphic card but not mine?
And I can’t do anything about it too as can be seen in the Options of the program, the GPU button is completely grayed out even though my GPU driver is the latest up to date one.
Is there any fix to this problem?

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Visualize REQUIRES an nVidia card:

Three possible solutions:
Use the rendering program in CPU mode. You'll get the same result, but maybe it takes longer?
Buy a new graphics card.
Use a different rendering application. Keyshot uses only the CPU(s), so it might be useful in your situation.

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