My 3D printer partner backed out on me. Looking for someone to possibly help

I have a stl file for my trucks emblems, (f150) I’m trying to replicate the oem’s as much as I can. Also I’m now missing the SVT raptor emblem I had gotten from my ex partner ( project partner, he’s active duty and got pcs’ed to a different AFB)

He had the printer and the knowledge on this. I’m almost clueless on everything

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The STL file has a number of errors in it. They should be pretty easy to fix, hopefully the person doing the printing will check it, and fix it before pressing build.

Based on the application, you'll need to specify the material used. Colors can be selected, but again, depending on the application, it likely does not matter since an unfinished 3D printed part is going to look terrible.

The printed part will need to be sanded, primed, filled, smoothed, painted, clear coated, and polished out. The end result will be somewhat dependent on the material and process used to make the part.
FDM, Polyjet, SLS, SLA, SLMS...etc. These are all different methods to "print " the part.
Materials available will be about a dozen per method above.

You may already know how you plan to use this model, but that is the first step, and it will allow you be better decide on how, and out of what the part will be made.
If you provide details regarding how you plan to use this model, or desire it to look like, I'm sure we can help narrow down the options.

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So, I have fixed the file for you. It is a very simple file. The wall thickness is good for printing with almost any material of choice. The problems is the details. It is only 0.4mm deep meaning you cannot print in some materials. The details are depending on the material you print in. I would recommend a depth of 0.7 or 0,8mm. The STL file itself does not contain any colour so I would suggest you go for a single colour material such as PA or ABS or PLA. The normal parts are printed in either White or Black depending on if it is Selective Laser Sintering or MultiJetFusion, simple PLA printers. You can get it dyed from the 3D Printing shop.

If you have further questions, I can help you out.

A quick clarification: The part I have is 70 mm x 3.175 mm x 14mm. Just let me know if the dimensions are correct.

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3M VHB tape is a great choice for adhering the logo. But, the rapid prototyping materials and process is not a good choice for producing such a product.

To obtain a good looking part, this is going to need hours of finishing work put into it. After which, it may look good for months. Then exposure to weather, UV light, sand, bugs, bird poop, and temperature extremes are going to slowly destroy it.

A good choice for it being "chrome" is to have the part made from a somewhat heat resistant material, then have it copper plated, then nickle plated. A firm like Repliform can do this,

Given the size and shape of the part, I'd suggest machining it instead of 3D printing it. Machining it would give a better appearance, and reduce the need for a lot of hand finishing work. The file, or at least the resulting part would vary a bit from what is depicted, as sharp internal corners would need to have fillets instead of sharp intersections.

Check out protolabs if you pursue the project. I've worked with them many times.

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What steps needs to be done before I find a shop that will print my design?
Like any prep to my design , materials desired , exact color?

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It really depends on what you expect the final product to be. 3D printing is great for some things, but the surface finish is often pretty bad. The materials are not meant to survive in harsh environments either, so "printing" one could work for a while, but it is not a long term solution.

Machining might be a better option, but quantity, sharp internal corners, and final finish are factors which need to be addressed. Also, most machine shops will not want to work from an stl file.

The material is up to you, It really depends on how it will be produced and used.
An exact color can be specified, but the only way to get it will be through painting (assuming it is not injection molded). Painting small parts like this will be pretty expensive. If more than one color is needed, the costs will be even higher due to the need for masking.

Define exactly what you are expecting from the final product, and the price you would find reasonable, and I'm sure we can give some suggestions.

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