my keyshot 3 do not import some files?

i'm working on a catia product project and when i try to render it using keyshot 3 .
the keyshot do not open and stop in the middle of importing process although it imports other files .
can any one help ?

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3 Answers

I had a same problem with my Keyshot 3 too.Some files just couldn't be uploaded because of some error,but I knew that the files are ok.The problem stopped when I got the never version of Keyshot.I can open those files now without error message.They must have fixed this bug in newer release of Keyshot.

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I also had a problem like you.Usually, it occurs when I import the large file and many components into keyshot. I don't know what the root cause is. To solve this, I changed to another import format file sometime it works, sometime not.

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