My solidworks does not show volume of the objects. What can I do with it?

I am creating an object, specifying a material and then going to the mass properties. but it does not show the volume. It shows mass but not volume. And also no moments of inertia. I am using SOLIDWOKRS Premium 2015(64-bit edition)

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Hi sir I really don't know what is the case with you but I offer to help you via skype, maybe????

I am a professional user of solidworks ,if you still have a problem with this
just lt me know & i'll help you

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If you are using a cracked Version then sometimes it does delete an object from your design & then when all is considered as one piece ,then it will delete ( make invisible) your geometry!
for any help please see this or this ( these are my websites) I'll be pleased to help you , I am a professional Designer & simulator in SW look up my Email & i'll guide you how to solve this through Skype :)

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I have had similar problems and I use a custom units where you can change precision of measuring, type of lenght(m, cm, mm) . Usually we used a predefined sw units and we got a zeroes everywhere

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