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My SW2013 keeps on crashing whenever I try to render the file.

By Mary Grace Salvador on 21 Mar 07:11 3 answers 150 views 0 comments

Whenever I use final render or the integrated preview, my SW just hangs and then the "not responding" window appears. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling SW and Bonjour printing services TWICE. The problem still occurs.

Any help would be appreciated since it was very odd for this problem to occur as I was rendering fine just last night without installing or uninstalling anything from my computer.

3 answers

  • JSE
    JSE 5 months ago

    how much memory do you have? this is useualy the first thing to check.
    then see how your memory is aloting solidworks. known as virtual memory.
    I remember 2013 did crash alot untill I did what I just said.
    good luck.

  • Mary Grace Salvador
    Mary Grace Salvador 5 months ago

    sorry for the late reply. I have 8gb of memory and the free space available is almost always 5-6 gb. I've been using the software for 3 years now and this is the second time photoview crashed. The first one was because I uninstalled bonjour but got fixed when I placed bonjour back. This time though, nothing would work

  • JSE
    JSE 5 months ago

    well sorry buddy that's about all I know to do. sorry I couldn't help

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