my website is good or bad pleas say me

3 Answers

Good site. Guide me to do so...

I would call this a bad website, badly laid out and it is not easy to see any point to it. I would guess you are attempting to use this website to show the world your skills and abilities in the CAD modelling drawing and design, I only assume this is the websites function as I followed a link from the GrabCad website, none of the actual website gives much indication of what you can do or what its point is. If you want to have a website to push your talents start with a piece of paper and block out a basic design, come up with a basic design that is to the point and shows the world exactly what you can do. Most of the websites built with a generic web builder tool come out the same as this one, pointless and not good for much.

If you want to make a website there are two ways to go about it, hire someone who knows their stuff or learn how to do it yourself. HTML required to make a basic website is not too hard to learn, complex websites for commercial purposes are more difficult and should be left with the professionals, but a simple website to showcase your talents is not too hard to achieve.

Here is a link to a website
i created with just a text editor and a book on HTML about the time I worked as a musician in a pub band. the links to some recordings don't work any more as the ezyfolk website does not host these any more. Have a go at coming up with your own creation, make it to the point and straight forward, make it tell the world what you can offer them.

thanks to all