Need a mechanism for my tipper body rear tailgate. I want something mechanical.

As the body tips I want a mechanism which can open the rear tailgate with the tipping force of the body. In simple words want something like if the body start tipping the rear tailgate must open simultaneously. Huh please don suggest Volvo type tailgate with chain mechanism since its very common. I need something different. As to tel the tailgate is mounted below at the rear side. I want the door to open on the downside. As u see in other Volvo trucks it moves on top side n tailgate is hinged at top. Please suggest some mechanism your help would be appreciated.

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You can add hydraulic actuator, since the tipper is lifting up
simultaneously the gate is opened.

Check the Meiller or Schmitz Cargo bull dump truck hydraulic pendulum gate options.

By the way Paus is a good truck. Also check the Normet

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