Need advise for career change please

Hi all,
I am a 40 year old guy that is thinking of a career change. I have about 6 years of graphic design experience. I am using Photoshop , Illustrator and Corel draw I also can use some InDesign to create digital magazines with animations and slide shows or videos.
about a year ago I started learning Solidworks and now I am teaching myself SolidWorks Composer.
I dont have any college education, I thought myself everything I know.
I just wanted to know if I have a chance to get a job as a technical illustrator and make at least $20 an hour.
I would appreciate any advise.


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1 Answer

You should really get at least an associates degree. You could take a course in Mechanical Drafting and test out of the CAD portion.

Try downloading the CSWA practice exam.
$20/hr. is very high for some one without a degree of some kind.

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