need help about building audi r8 in catia

Hello Friends
I am new in car modelling and i am learning it from this tutorial-
I have given a image of my work progress after that i stuck there because i am new in freestyle so i am unable to understand next steps .so friends pls help me.

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4 Answers

Are you new to car design or to GSD??
Because Dickson Sham has other surface design tutorials which will introduce you to the basic concepts. Have you checked the mouse or the glasses tutorial?? because the R8 is the most difficult of all the Sham Catia surfaces tutorials.
You can find all of them here:

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after looking at your progress as seen in the above image i believe you got stuck here "creating curves in the respective views (top,side,front) using free style.let me know that i'm right about it i'll help you

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better check out youtube for video tutorials. try hard you can do it pal.

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Hey friends thanks for your reply
finally i did it
you can see it here


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