Need Help concerning FEMAP Software

Hello everyone,

I have porous structure and I want to do FEA Analysis using FEMAP Software, but there are some fatal error are coming.

could someone available in grab cad community who is familiar with FEMAP Software. I would be very much thankful. looking forward to hear from someone soon.

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Can you describe your fatal errors? Are the errors software or geometry related? What is the approach, linear or nonlinear FEA? Is there a chance that the error occurs in your preprocessing (Meshing, Boundary, Constrains, Material)


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Hi Andrea’s,
Thank you very much for the answer.
Well as I said I have porous material structure in IGES Format which is openable in FEMAP 11.1.2 NX Nastran software without any problem.
I need to create crushing model, therefore I introduced two steel plate one at bottom as a fixed plate while second one movable plate for the pressure exertion.
When I try to make contact with the model and steel plate, there are some problem.
Secondly when I do meshing of steel plate there is no problem, but when I do meshing of model, the pointer start synchronizing.
During the analysis , I choose Linear analysis option.
I am not sure what is going on as I am totally new to this software. I am using inbuilt aluminum 6061 property for the model, while for pressure plate I am using the same inbuilt 4131 grade steel property.
So I am confused what to do and with whom shall I consult,

I would be really thankful andreas please help me with this if you can.

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Maybe the steel plates might give the error. If they don't share topology with your model, you won't get a continuous mesh. So the solver is not able to calculate on the entire system. Why don't you just constrain the model without steel plates on the bottom of your model , like: ( y = fixed, x = free, z = free) and then apply the compression forces...If you use aluminium as material than the model won´t response brittle. The material can deform plastically. So I assume you want to analys the model according buckling behaviour? Unless it is a aluminium foam....than I would incorperate very thin aluminium sheets into the foam and make a model assembley, where you then constrain the sheets.


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please see in the attachment file error box arise during the meshing of model

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