Need help extracting the mould from a part.

Hello there fellowe Grabcaders!

I need your professional help regarding mould extraction of a part i am working on at work. Its a plastic paper bin i am designing and i can't make the mold of the pedal. Its a bit complex pedal and i've tried many ways of extracting the mould without luck.

If anyone can help me i would be really greatful!

Thank you very much for your time and thank you in advance for your help!

I am uploading the part in Solidworks, Parasolid and IGES format.

Andreas Gkertsos
Mechanical Engineer
Athens, Greece

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1 Answer

Gi'day Andreas,
Have you added any taper to the patten, and where did you place the joint line, also can you upload the drawing as a jpeg file, as I was not able to open any of the above formats.

Robert Reed

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