Need Help Fixing/Ammending a part

Could anyone help me fix this Arbor Press base I'm working on I used a revolve feature to try to get the shape I wanted, but am still having trouble getting the spine of the press to take the shape I want. I've included the file and a picture of the actual press I'm trying to model this piece after. If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.

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What exactly about the design are you having trouble with?
The revolve feature you made has an error due to a broken dimension, but overall it seems to be making the desired shape.

Before doing much more work on the design I have to suggest two things:
1. Repair all of the sketches in the model. Many are oddly constrained, or dreadfully under defined. If they are left like this, the model is very likely going to "fall apart" later if anyone ever tries to modify the size/shape.

2. Not as critical as the sketches, but avoid placing any fillets into the model until the end. Sure, if you NEED a fillet early on, add it. But fillets belong at the very end of the feature tree. Otherwise you start adding constraints to them and things can get messy.

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