Need Help surfacing a household cleaner

Hi, guys, I'm new to Solidworks, I'm currently doing product design for uni, we're learning to surface at the moment which I need help in.

my deadline is in few weeks and i haven't made a start on the work :(

I need help on how to start, i know really basic stuff on surfacing, I don't know where to start and how to start.

Any info on how to start would be great.

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Go to: File > New > Part -New SolidWorks Part
Create a 2D sketch -Select the Right Plane
Insert a reference picture -Go to: Tools > Sketch Tools > Sketch Picture -and select the picture
close the 2D Sketch
Insert others reference pictures on every planes
Draw 2D sketch on picture

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Not sure how much help you need but I'll offer this much to--hopefully--get you going.

1. Create a sketch that defines the bottom. This will be your path/guide for a swept section.
2. Create sketches that defines the 'sides' of the bottle; one front, one on the left or right plane. These sketches define your 'sections' to sweep along your guide.

(see bottle_1)

There are lots of ways to do this... some like to mirror sketches and/or bodies, others prefer driving the full path. Either way, mind your tangency across the mirroring plane...

Use a swept feature to create the body (see bottle_2)

The top of the bottle requires a few steps and other geometry that the swept cannot describe to complete. I prefer to build some features, then use other techniques/tools to create bridging surfaces, which allows more control over continuity but then, this is where the real differences in software start to come into play, and where surfacing continuity options may become limited.

That aside, I removed the top section from the offset portion up. I split the bottom section and offset the middle. This gives me a couple of sheet/surface bodies to build to. (see bottle_3)

The dashed/reference rectangles you see are just to block in the overall dimensions so I have something to drive to.

If you need help from here forward, let me know. Software differences (I use NX) being what they are, you may still glean a fair bit but will have to find comparable tools in SWorks.

Good luck.

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Didn't notice those G0 sections along the side, angling towards the top on my last pass through...

Can you attach a picture of the top, looking straight down, normal to the bottom? It's a bit difficult to tell what's going on with the short edge closest to the pour spout.

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I have modelled the bottle in Solidworks 2014:
Domestos Bottle
This should clarify some of your questions ;-)

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First of all, you have to create planes of every section, section means - every new shape you see in this bottle. Then draw this shape on each plane - create sections.
At the end, you have to create the path, or a few paths, depending on how many you want to better control the shape. The last process is creating the surfaces. I am talking about parametric surfacing. Try study the tutorials about surfacing.

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