Need help to draw dog ear duct joint in Inventor

I am having a hard time drawing the exact shape that you see on the attach photo. It does not have to be to any scale.

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Hi Lahin
Below you can find the link to your part. I really hope to find this helpful enough for your presentation... there are some comment on the description. If you have any further queries please let me know...

Tutorial: Complex shaped loft in Inventor (Dog Ear Duct Joint)


Answered with a tutorial:

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Hi Lahin, it is nice to know that you have tried to work on something before posted this question

I assume that this model is for presentation purposes and accuracy is not a big deal.
I have a proposal for you and I can post it as soon as you will let me know if you want the model or just some hints to finish what you have started.

Loft is definitely the tool that you will need (you were right in your comment) along with that you might find useful a couple of 3D sketches / profiles...

The thing is that Inventor is not the best for too organic shapes (I bet you are aware of that), however, you could model complex things with a relative freedom / approximation.
(Of course I might not be the ideal person to say what you can & you cannot do in Inventor as I am speaking only through my experience)

Regarding my attempt I have met some small issues while I was designing the above model...
Let's say for example the square shape works fine (Pic-1) until you will go through the rectangular. Then you start having some uneven contours using the loft command & I don't really know why!!! ;P
However, as it is not a big deal a side path is to cut a quarter of your model (Pic-2) and then with the "Move face" & "Mirror" to rebuild the model in whatever dimensions you want to!!! I hope to make sense.

So, find attached some pictures and if you think that you are wasting too much time on a model that it doesn't worth it (It happens to me very often) let me know to upload the model !!!

It is just sometimes that inspiration leads you in better results than having a direct the answer from someone although this is not a rule...



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Thank you for taking time to help me in this project.
I usually try to work on projects like this on my own before I get any help. As you might not be aware, I learned Inventor on my own with the company I work for. I took PRO-E in college which helped me understand 3D solid modeling. I guess I am still learning more and more about Inventor. I would say I have 60% knowledge of this software.

Yes, I would like to use this for an presentation.
well I tried working on this probably 2 days last week without any success, can you send me this .ipt and I will check all sketches and featured you did to arrive to the final part.



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