Need help transfering blue prints pdf to 3d models

Hi guys,

Reasonable new to using solid works and have undertaken a redesign project for myself that i have it brick walls on.

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Yup. This may not be the best project to start learning SOLIDWORKS on.
If you can articulate the obstacles you are running into I'm sure there will be some good ideas generated by members of the site.

It is also a good idea to post your part file so everyone can get a better sense of where you've gone off the tracks, without having to try to model the entire model themselves.

The bogie print is not of the best quality. It might be best to find a similar model in the library and modify it as needed.

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Fred is right. This looks like a tough undertaking to start. I guess that I would start with small sections or start with the casting without the machining. Post your final model.

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