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Need help with stress simulations

By Gabriele Bergamelli on 20 Mar 00:02 1 answer 215 views 2 comments

So I have this frame, for a long-john type cargo bike.
I need some stress analysis performed on it of our design project to be complete.

I have tried everything and the opposite of it, yet whatever I do, once all the fixtures and loads are set and I tell the software to mesh the body and run the simulation, it fails after trying to mesh the body for a while.

I tried to add features to remove some of the failing edges, make the mesh size an order of magnitude smaller than any geometry I have in the frame, using different types of mesh, and still I get no noticeable improvement.

I'm pretty desperate at this point. Any help other than "go make another frame" would be most appreciated.

Frame is attached as a solid body.


Frame.2.alt.solid.sldprt, 4.91 MB

1 answer

  • Justin W
    Justin W 6 months ago

    Use the "check" function at the evaluate tab. You can play with the things what it is looking for.

    This feature looks for small gaps and small edges, you can solve them and then try to mesh again.

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