Need help with this model please

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for all the content on GRABCAD, couldnt have found a better resource on the internet.
I cant figure if my approach at this is correct, Im attempting a "Revolved Boss/base" to make a 3D model of the Photo i have attached. The issue is, half of the part is slightly "clubbed." I have a 2D sketch of what it would look like from a right plane [the dimensions are not actual, just a quick mock up to reference] The part is a Tip Lever grip from a Volvo A40F Rock Truck. Thank you again.

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The appropriate feature is "loft". You need a circle (first sketch) on the top plane and a point (second sketch) on the right plane. You need also on the right plane two sketches as guiding curves, they will define the orientation of the loft outside of the middle.
I add a part where you can see my attempt. You will be able to adapt it for your needs.

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