Need help with wrapping surface with Demicron Software

Here's my customer's question =
( So right now we are working with a company in India to create our website. Along with the website we are creating a car builder / product configurator. So basically I want people to be able to build their own car as part of the ordering process. Basically after many conversations, tests and research we came to the conclusion that we would use java. We did some tests in web gl and others and concluded that java would give us the most compatibility.We came to this decision on the java after looking around on the web and finding aarkid, the best product configurator that I could find that most closely resembles what we want to do is .So I had the Eastern company create a test using this software it is the same one that the aarkid workbench configurator uses.So now we are having some issues with the quality of the object ( tubes arent perfectly round etc) and the slow lag when you try to rotate the object.The Eastern company said that the aarkid workbench uses 3d files with images wrapped around them, and that this would improve our speed if we did the same.Of course we are going to want the 3d files to be rendered and photo realistic to make the Object builder nice in the end anyway. So I wanted to see if you could take the test builder and the 3d files and add some kind of image wrap that would give them texture or make them look more photorealistic in order to test this theory. ( unless you have a better suggestion) Or just give me your expert recommendations and opinions on the best way for us to achieve a smooth rotating photo realists 3d car builder. Sorry I cant give you much info about like file types etc, but if you have any questions about what type of files wire fusion needs to work or any details like that, we can ask the indians or the wirefusion company.Again im not sure how any of this would work or what they are called but basically they tell me that the files need to be smaller to rotate properly, and by adding some kind of image or texture around the files you can make them a lot smaller while at the same time making them more realistic. This is basically what I need for you to create.)

Thank you for your help guys. I really apreciate your efforts.

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