Need Rendered Ducati (999) Parts

HI. I’m an engineering technology teacher in a public HS in upstate NY. I have a small club that I run and fund out of my pocket where I introduce motorcycle building to the kids. I pick the kids and use the club as a motivator for the kids to do the best they can in school along with showing up. If you don’t come to school you don’t get to work with the team. Simple!. You can check out the website the kids made at < Our builds.

I’m looking for some technical help for our next build. we are going to be using an ducati 999 for the base . I was hoping to do more with computer modeling of the bike before we modified it but it is way beyond our abilities. So I was wondering if any one had any parts we could work with. I found some parts we can use like the S4 swing arm but we could really use:
fuel tank
Sub frame
Foot controls

Anything on the list would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time
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Rich DeSimony
Niskayuna H.S
Engineering Technology dpt.

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Hi Rich, there are a lot of Ducati parts and models on the library, see the link below:

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