Need some advice to make a laptop that can open up.

I have done simple stuff like cups with liquid, beer bottles, cell phones, wheels, etc. And theyve came out really nice. (i think)
But wanna jump to the next level and i thought i could try a laptop in solid works.
Im new to solidworks and cad so need help figuring out how to make this project.

I need to make the lid and bottom parts separate and then assemble them, right? what about the hinges? thats where im kinda lost.

Anyone can point me to any tutorials before i start? thanks

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2 Answers

Yes you can make laptop which is open up ! I suggest you some of the steps
- first of all design & model a parts
- then use assembly feature and specially MATE feature.
- for laptop use mate in HINGE mate option it helps you to make laptop with open up .
for any other quarry contact me ..
and yes hit like and follow me for more models and tip !

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When i was new to CAD and there was something i didn't know how to make, i tried to learn about all the different tools rather than how to make a certain object. try to learn the tools that's available and think about each one of them and what shapes they can form. maybe not the answer you want but that's what i think.

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