Need some design suggestion

Hello folks. I am currently working on a design and I need some suggestions. I have a 1.067mm OD steel needle which I need to insert into a plastic hole which is 1.051mm dia (on a plastic part) . The needle has a sharp angle on the one end and flat on the other. I need to push the needle into the hole by pushing it from the angled side. What would be the most efficient way to achieve this without damaging the sharp edge or bending the needle itself ? Would appreciate your help.

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The needle is hollow from inside, that means somthing is going to pass through it. More like a syringe.. but syringe is manufactured in a different way. I guess the fluid will pass from the plastic part and then through needle it will come out.If the pastic part is having less height, I suggest you to try to insert the needle from inside the plastic part. I dont know whether it will work or not.

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