Need some feedback on a tool cabinet design/prototype. Any responses would be greatly appreciated

I am trying to design a tool cabinet/chest and I am looking for some feedback on space constraints. I would like to find out how many people would use a slimmed down version of a tool cabinet/chest (approx 6" deep) in a garage or workshop. And if it is something you would buy. Also how can I create an animated model for this using AutoCAD if possible?

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The model can be designed in AutoCAD since the software has extensive 3d modelling tools. Animations within AutoCAD are limited to 'camera animation' i.e. walkthroughs/ turntable animation. You cannot for example animate a door opening or a object moving. AutoCAD files however can be imported into various other rendering packages such as Keyshot, where the animations can be set up very easily and quickly. Hope this helps.

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