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Need some help

By William Ahlgrim on 02 Sep 18:55 3 answers 0 comments

I am a teacher and have a part that I have tried over and over and get very close but cannot get the exact weight. I was wondering if someone would be willing to take a look at the part and then let me see it. This way I can try to understand where I am making the mistake so I can help my students.


Microsoft Word Document 8292014 101302 AM.bmp, 4.04 MB

3 answers

  • akmar
    akmar about 3 years ago

    Hi, i got the answer, all dimension in this drawing is correct, and i do exactly as drawing. BUT, you have been misread some information, that is "R1 TYP" only stated on two typical area, this not correct. Yes i did try on those two area only, the result is same as you, but after i realized on isometric view, i saw all edges in rounded fillet, come to this conclusion, i make it all R1 on all finished radius, then only i got the answer. (Please see my comment on existing drawing). R1 must apply to all sharp edges as a finishing radius.

    Answered with a tutorial:


    TRY.bmp, 4.04 MB
    Prob 01.SLDPRT, 513 KB
  • 46a01e21
    46a01e21 about 3 years ago

    Answer C 82.5 (82.49)
    There is a dimension missing and a confusing Fillet (TYP)
    The pads for the c'sinks. The angle for the outside of the pad is not given; the rad on the top of the pad is not given, the drawing states R1 TYP and R2TYP.
    I did 45degree and R1 82.51 and 45degree R2 - 82.49
    An other issue? detail B shows the outer rad as full but dimensions state 2.5 thick and 1mm rad each size.



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