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Need tips on Inventor 2014, Please post your shortcuts.

By Joel JImenez on 12 Apr 23:26 5 answers 2 comments

Hi, Im a highschool senior and i recently competed on Engineering technical Drafting For SkillsUSA Texas State and won 1st place. Now I am qualified to go compete at Kansas City ,Kansas. I am confident I am good at drafting However, I am going to compete against skilled and experienced competitors this June. I hope I can Learn More things from you guys. Thanks In advance

5 answers

  • William
    William over 3 years ago

    Rob Cohee one of the IV greats has his own you tube channel 2 min tips @

    It all depends on what you are doing with your modelling there is always a lot of tuts in GrabCAD for IV worth a look @ if you can tell us more about what you really are looking for maybe someone can help you a little better.

  • Nick Huggins
    Nick Huggins over 3 years ago

    It probably sounds obvious, but learn the keyboard shortcuts. For example type "c" to pull up constraints etc.

  • Asmo
    Asmo over 3 years ago

    congratulations, but I did not understand what you want to help

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