Need to buy copy of Autocad 2004

Hello all, I teach CAD in a high school. I recently had a computer die, and now that they replaced it, I can't find my copy of AutoCAD 2004.
I've searched the web for it, but it would seem that nobody is selling 8 year old CAD software!
If you have upgraded and have a copy of AutoCAD2004 collecting dust, I'll be happy to buy it from you.
My only other option is to upgrade the entire computer lab, and there is just no money in the budget for such a grand idea!

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2 Answers

I can upload Autocad 2004 installation files for you. (I dont know is it legal)
And I think you may retrieve your serial or license information from Autodesk. Maybe Autodesk can provide files too..

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Hal, there are special programs for Educators and free software for students, you might check here to get some info:

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