Need to model tea making machine in Creo or solidworks

I am looking for tea making machine. Can some one help me to design a machine and what are the essential part required for the proper functioning of the machine.

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First you need a specification, even if it's only preliminary and high level. The specification should answer questions such as:

Does it need to be able to make different types such as green and oolong tea as well as black? (the water temperature requirements are different for different types of tea)
Is it powered by the stovetop or is it plug-in/standalone type?
Does it make a single cup at a time, or a larger batch?
Are the controls to be digital, or analog?
Are there any size requirements or limitations?

I'm sure there are more...

But as you can surely see, the answers to these types of questions are key to figuring out what the parts list (BOM) will be.

Without a specification, all that can be determined regarding essential parts is, "it needs a place to hold the water and a place to hold the tea."

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it is very simple
first you have to make a 2D drawing, then based on the draw the each and every component with use of creo or solidworks

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A tea making machine? Some people would call that a spouse. Not me though, I can't stand tea.

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