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Need to put lights into a render.

By Tobias Mattsson on 03 Jan 14:45 7 answers 1534 views 3 comments

Im trying to get lights into a render. wich render programs have that function?

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7 answers

  • Miloš Barbir
    Miloš Barbir over 3 years ago

    You can use Keyshot for that purpose.There you have a huge choise in different types of light ,colours,and illuminesence.

    HITESH D about 1 year ago

    'Keyshot' is a sure shot. Solidworks have the lights but renderings are not as good as the Keyshot's.

  • Robert Guyser
    Robert Guyser over 5 years ago

    For HDRI Lighting, the 'surface modeler' guys have started using and really talking about

    It is great with the various HDRI and realtime renderers that are now getting popular.

  • vishwajeet sawant
    vishwajeet sawant almost 2 years ago

    in solidworks you have many options for light. spot light, point light, directional light, sun light. you can put it easily in any place with different colour, brightness, etc.

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