New ranking sistem

Are you sure that the new ranking system a fair?

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I believe it is fair. I wouldn't say that it is less flawed than the previous system, but it is fair. It doesn't necessarily help us as users, but it does accomplish what Grabcad wants it to do. If you want a high ranking then just spend 24 hours a day on here for a couple weeks and you'll get there fast. I have noticed some users who are higher then others for no apparent reason, but I think there is always going to be issues with a ranking system here. It is designed for one purpose, and it will always fulfill that purpose.
Unfortunately Grabcad doesn't have the resources to utilize a perfect solution for us users....but then, what is the perfect solution??

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Nope, its not. After doing some checking its obvious that this is another setup where we only get half the info. Try adding up some general points from a few of the top users according to the Grabcad system and see what you get. Again, its another half baked attempt to raise participation. It serves a purpose somewhere.

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Hi miki in what way do you mean by being fair?
Could you explain a little more in detail what you might think is unfair or fair about it please>?

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