New to community. Not cad designer. Need a design

I'm not an autoCad designer. I'm a 2D graphic designer. And I need to create a brochure.
I'm in need of few specific models for this brochure. Example: laptop taken apart. iPhone parts etc
The idea is to have the brochure to show all parts of these items and where adhesive comes in play.
Can anyone help me figure out where to start?
Please note:
In order to post this question, I had to choose categories which I am not familiar with. Those selections mean anything.


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you just have to start with any of one device,
In order to start design you require detail dimension of parts then you can start added that in brochure one by one
In order to complete your brochure you require time and team of design engineer.

you can also contact local freelancer for that

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Thank you Jaydip
If anyone in this community likes to take on this project, please contact me via this post.

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