opeartion failed due to geometric conditions

I have modeled a plain weave composite with matrix and 4 fibers, each of which is an individual component. I assembled them in assembly model and got interference error. I made offsets for each fiber in matrix. I know I have to cut the offsets from the matrix by using insert->cut->with surface. I tried it both in 'assembly model' and 'part model of matrix'. But in assembly model, I don't find cut option in insert. In part model, I get an error that it cant cut the surface offset because of geometric conditions. Can someone Please help.

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I checked the model again. It is showing me that there offset surfaces have open entities. So that is why it is not able to cut the surfaces. But when I try to make the surface offset again, 4 out of 9 surfaces are not showing up, because they are part of matrix and not of fiber. I am not able to hide the matrix and select the bottom faces of the fiber, as I am making changes in the matrix itself. can someone help , if I could make sense.

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Après avoir cousu les faces d'une fibre de votre modèle et épaissi celui-ci j'ai assemblé la même fibre 4 fois en ajoutant des contraintes point à point et on me donne aucune interférence

After cutting the sides of the fiber of your model and thickened it I assembled the same fiber 4 times by adding constraints point to point and they give me no interference
Before selecting the faces of one fiber, hide entities that affect the selection.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/opeartion-failed-due-to-geometric-conditions

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