Open formats for star shaped polyhedra

Hi everyone,

I am using star shaped polyhedra (alternative regular body design is possible as well) to test a geometrical library I am working on. The parts are meshed and the geometrical operations such as the union, intersection, symmetric difference is computed.

I'm working in Linux, and I have no access to Solidworks, but I have found some great models on this site. The problem is that I need the models in .brep and/or .stp format.

Is there a way to convert these formats on Linux(Ubuntu)? Is it O.K. if I ask the authors for the converted files?

Thank you!

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Solidworks can export in the .stp file format. There is a choice, STEP AP203, and STEP AP214. Which would you prefer?

If you give a list of the models you're interested in (copy and paste the link) I'm sure someone will upload them.

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I have to add this additional info to my question as an answer, I don't see how I can edit my own question:

I am not sure about the STEP types, the application is SalomeCAD, an OpenSOURCE meshing and CAD app. I cannot find the file types in the release notes. If it is not too much to ask, it would be great to have the both STEP types for the following links:
Great stellated dodecahedron
Small stellated dodecahedron
rhombic triacontahedron
Icosahedron Tube Project

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