Operation Failed due to geometric condition

I am trying to model a single stage fan of the entire axial fan assembly! i will post my file! if someone could figure out the problem please advise.

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He thank for all your help so far! The STEP file is making myt solidworks crash each time and in the igs the software crashes every time i opt to view the features. however i saw the video and implemented the corrections as u suggested but still i am not able to get the full turbine like you are

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I am sorry for the ambiguity.as you know in the part file i have two blade fan! But i require 40 blades and when I am using the circular pattern feature to make the desired 40 blades I am getting the error-operation failed due to geometric condition. I saved an image of the partial preview of the actual thing i need which i am attaching now. please if u can advise how to finish this, i will be greatful

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