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Operation failed due to geometric condition.

Question by Doug Herben

I'm trying to do work on a cylindrical part with a secondary axis for features to be revolved around. The part is based on an identical .ipt from Inventor. Once I opened it in Solidworks, the revolve blew up saying "operation failed due to geometric condition" I've gotten this message before when importing things from .ipt, but I've always been able to delete the feature and sketch and redraw and reproject with no issues. But, now no matter how I approach it, the revolution continues to give me this error.
When I search for the issue on here or just on google, the answers are... Lacking to say the least. So, just an explanation of the error message would be helpful so I can try to figure out how to fix it. But a fix would be greatly appreciated as well.

I've included a version of the part with renamed sketches.

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2 Answers

Lukasz Siwiec
Answered on 3 Nov, 2013 03:02 PM

Also you can uncheck merge and this work.

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Doug Herben
Answered on 30 Oct, 2013 09:48 PM

Update: I found a solution, not exactly perfect, but it works. Separated the sketch into two different sketches and revolved them individually. One trimming at a diameter of 5.125 and the second with the 30 degree angle and 0.4 radius down to the diameter of 5.

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