Our Models Are Being Sold Rudely in Commercial Sites!!!

I am writing to report stealing large number of GrabCAD models and designs in a very rude manner and selling them in 3dExport.com (a 3d commercial site).

kindly check this link: http://docpro88.3dexport.com/#page=2

This is totally illegal and contrary to GrabCAD Community Code of Conduct, intellectual property rights and ethics, especially since he is making money out of our own work.

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I'm really upset and angry about this theft
some of my designs are also there :

http://3dexport.com/3dmodel-glass-and-tea-cup-70836.htm == Glass and Tea Cup
http://3dexport.com/3dmodel-gold-coin-70662.htm == Gold coin $)
http://3dexport.com/3dmodel-on-and-off-button-70663.htm == On and Off button

legal actions must be done against this thief,:
to protect our work, and keep engineers uploading models on GrabCAD.

when I uploaded designs on grabcad, I did that for sharing and participating in this nice free website, even I don't sell my models or make comercial benifit out of them, so shame on these thieves who are making money from our designs.

He's really shameless thief, we must teach him manners .

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Oh man, no way. I see your model there too, no way.
Something has got to be done about this stuff.
Somebody needs to sick the "Junk Yard Dog" on them!

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I think you are correct. I have sent two emails to the original modellers here on GrabCad that are being sold. Quite frankly this doesn't surprise me. :(

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We can contact this site and work to get it taken down. I'm on it with the GrabCAD Team!

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Hello, I want you to know that we contacted 3D export for you but think that you individually emailing them will make an even bigger impact. You can send your complaints here: admin@netrinomedia.com.

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After 5 Not helpful votes for the first comment & another 2 for the second this is the result...


Thanks Mohammad I hope to understand the difference between people who want to contribute in this community and people who just want to download for free...

...everything comes with a price... and this price can be count in respect & not in Dollars...!

Best Regards

to all...

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Dear Mahmood

Thanks for bringing my name to your comment in this way you are giving me the chance to answer on your very well written speech.

I would like first to underline that I am not defending anyone it is wise to do when you don't know the full story....

My previous comment concern the reasons that majorly have to do with this post... ...these are the CREDIT & the MONEY EXCHANGE !

ILLEGAL will be something when comes against to law and not to the CODE of a community...

Unethical is when you accuse someone without taking the time to realise what he says...

My models might not be that important for someone to steal and sell them. (Who cares!)

But still I don't remember anyone asking me before download my models even I know that these have been used commercially.
Although I have asked people in grabcad before I used their models ...that means that I appreciate what is given to me for free.

Instead of trying to be the police and chase persons like docpro88...

I proposed, after JSE, to make sure that you put your signature on away before you publishing your models...

In what exactly you accuse me or JSE is at least unreal...as any of us tried to say that what is happening is fair and life is not fair either...

Therefore I will use JSE words and I will say
"I would advise you not to upload anything you don't want to see somewhere else." [JSE]

And in order to be a bit more ethical I will say again that it would be at least silly to judge a site for a bad member like docpro8

Thanks for taking the time to read what I had to say I hope to see more clear now

Best regards


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I'll have to say that I agree with JSE...

I would like to give a more spherical perspective by saying that is common policy for many people out there to use models from other libraries to get reputation here as well... and I don't mind at all!!! ...as long as there is a credit to the author of the model and of course no money exchange!!!

So, you have to admit here that the main issue is the money and the credit...

I don't think (and this is my personal opinion) that Grabcad can do much if someone downloads your model and is selling it somewhere else especially when this guy is an "INDIVIDUAL" and not a "COMPANY" as the previous chinese site...(I bet you still remember it)

The main reason I am saying this, it is because Grabcad just host your work and you have to be aware of that. Additionally grabcad says that
"Please upload a model that will be your creation at your best of your knowledge..."
Yeah right!!! this is a seldom case... and you have to agree!
So there is a tolerance in every site like this for someone to upload something on the best of his knowledge...

However I will not speak much about the policy of grabcad as I never read this in full length.. ;P (please don't get me wrong)

But the main point is what JSE said that you should be the first responsible for the job you uploading... as it is free for everyone to download...

Again personal opinion... I don't believe that grabcad will do something for a model available to everybody after a free sign-up and without this model to be registered either with the author or the Grabcad site... their hands are officially tied!!!

In this case is your word against his about who is the original owner of the model

Of course all of the above doesn't mean that you shouldn't post this topic...
It is quite interesting for many including me to understand how the internet works in many levels from an mp3 to a 3d model to an academic paper...

My advice, try to make sure that your signature comes with every model... might be the only thing that you can do...




This site " http://3dexport.com/3dtuts/articles/100-impressive-artworks-of-robots/ "
is another community that you cannot judge by a couple of D...H...s that they don't respect anything... Grabcad has users like these... (that goes to everybody generally not particularly to Mohammad Shubbak)


Please forgive me if I was rough... I am a quite friendly person normally ;)

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