Paint Scheme Workflow for Small Aircraft


I wish to find a good workflow for designing paint schemes (stripes, logos, decals, n numbers, colors, etc) on small aircraft. I am trying to develop a new process for my company. I can do this graphically currently, but with CAD, I could use equipment to project the paint lines directly onto the aircraft for masking.

What do you guys think you be the most efficient workflow for quickly projecting the paint details onto the surface of a 3d model in CAD?

Here is what I considering at the moment:
Cad data is brought into Rhino
Paint details are designed in Rhino to create geometry onto CAD model (imagine a very thin stripe paint layer. ( I am not a Rhino user so I don't know if Rhino handles import models well.)
Customer agrees to preliminary design.
Final renderings are made in viz software for final approvals.
CAD is exported from Rhino to laser projector system. (this part is solved already)

I like what I have seen of Rhino because it can make organic flowing shapes quickly.
I am very hesitant about using Solidworks or Catia for this as they are very cumbersome for such a task.

Would this work? What would you use instead?
Thank you

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