part got hidden how to get it back??

hello.. today while doing assembly in catia one of my part by mistake got hidden but in the tree ( diagram tree) it showing that it is not hidden ( hope you understood this)... so my question is how to get it back?? please help me out in this...
thanks in advance.

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If the part is hidden, but the tree says it is not hidden, I can think of two possibilities:
1. The part is "hidden" because it is inside of another part. Did the part move, and it is now hidden inside of another object? I'd try hiding other parts until it shows up.

2. Were you adding mates when it disappeared? Perhaps to solve the mate, the part had to move a far distance and is now outside your field of view, or so far away that it can't be seen? Try using a zoom to fit all command. Does the view show a very large area? You're missing part is hiding out there somewhere.

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Well the part didn't hide u actually constrained it such that it went inside the bigger part...i guess...if that is the case u need to constrain it again

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Could be many things.

1. Try suggestions from Fred and Dread

2. Might have hidden the Part Body within the part. Right-click on part in tree and use Open In New Window to see if part is there.

3. Use the Graphics Wizard to find out if the part is hidden or not

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You said: "but my one more question is if the part got hidden after complete assembly ( means after completing assembly and closing catia and again open same assembly in catia) but still it shows in tree then what to do?"

If the part didn't show up when you re-opened the assembly, maybe CATIA can't find the part? You should have gotten an error message saying something like "part not found". You should also see a different icon in front of the part in the tree, if this is the case. Maybe the missing part was saved in a different folder from the assembly?

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