Part turned itelf into a future version of Solidworks

So, yesterday I was working on my CAD project for this year, I almost completed it, and left the final refining to do for today.

Now, I went to try and open the assembly, and Solidworks throws out an error claiming the assembly comes from a "future version" of solidworks, which is not true, since I used Solidworks 2015 to make everything in that assembly and am using 2015 to open it.

What's more, the problem is not affecting every part. It only appears to be affecting two parts of the 10-odd parts assembly.

Is there any hope for me to retrieve my assembly without having to make those parts from scratch?

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That is odd. I'd check your SolidWorks backup folder before doing any more work. Maybe another version is saved in there that you'll be able to open? Sometimes this option is not turned on. It has saved me some redo work on several occasions, but usually I just end up with a folder full of unneeded parts.

You could also attach one of the future versions to your post. We can try to open it in SW2016 and see what happens. There is a chance that the file is corrupted and just giving a future version error. I had a corrupted file once, but I think it actually gave an error about being unreadable.

It would not be ideal, but we could save your file back out as a parasolid model so you can continue your work (with a "dumb solid").

You didn't update any service packs did you? There was something weird with compatibility done between some service packs in 2015 if I recall.

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Thanks for your comment Fred,

However, I ended up rebuilding the (corrupted?) files from scratch, as they were not big parts and only required a couple of measurements.

I have not seen a solidworks backup folder, i will go check immediately if the option is enabled.

Enclosed you will find one of these two rouge files.
I do not quite need it anymore, but would be good to know if you can find some way to open it.

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Sorry. It looks like the file is dead. Opening it just results in an error message.
The file itself appears to contain no information. It is strange that the file contains no data instead of data that was somehow corrupted.

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