Paying download-improvement of GRABCAD?

Does anyone besides me thinks that paying for download would improve the quality of the models, eliminate the use of models by people who do not upload anything and create a lot fairer system that helps designers?
The designer should have possibility to set price for download, it can be FREE, 1$ or more; eventual user could see it in 3D, take measures and decide will he pay to GRABCAD using PAYPAL, GRABCAD would take the percentage and pay the designer’s fee.
There are many great models and some of them are very original. GRABCAD should take some of them from time to time, make a prototype and negotiate with potential producers. It would also increase the quality of the models and transform GRABCAD from community into institution.

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I believe that 90% of models would still be free for download because we post them as portfolio or for educational purposes.

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I'd prefer it if Grabcad remained as a free exchange of information. I'm sure many people download models just for a closer look or to learn how to produce particular features. If there was a charge, people wouldn't be interested.

I'm quite happy for people to download my models without uploading anything. I'm glad of the opportunity to contribute something to a world that had given me so much.

I know other websites charge for their content but these tend to be media based rather than engineering. Presumably, those involved in advertising, game design and animation purchase these models.

As for selling designs to companies, without a patent, there is little to sell. A company may look at the pictures of a contribution, like the idea, and then produce something similar themselves.

There may be some mileage in Grabcad taking out patents on behalf of designers and then giving them a percentage of the profits (should there eventually be any). But I suspect the number of contributions that could justify such action would be very few.

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I myself would not like to see GrabCAD going down this road to pay for models of any sort to be downloaded. GrabCAD is a community and as soon as we take that away and turn it in to an institution we lose what we are here for and that is to gain knowledge from others, share Ideas and help others with problems they are having with CAD. There are so many other sites on the net that you can buy and download CAD models from but there is no other site on the net that is like GrabCAD a true and very unique learning tool and network for all us engineers/designers to share, collaborate, learn and encourage other users with there work.

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I agree with Andjelic Zoran that there are some models out there that have some issues.

Mainly this is happening from new users that are using 3D cad software for first time. They are so exciting about this that they forget the half of the model in a local folder o_O Or they just still learning!!!

In my opinion if you want to improve a society you just need to challenge them and not make them pay for it.

This is actually the purpose behind score for every user.

Best Regards

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Goto some other website which support this. :) I want to remain GrabCAD as it is.

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I'm with the majority in that it should remain a free exchange as it is right now.

This is what allows a large number of people to freely exchange and that exchange is great for everyone.

The fact that it's a free exchange is the main reason why I'm using it in the first place, and I would be gone if I had to pay.

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