Perforated sheet-metal kids crawl tunnel (Tutorial)

Hi all,

I got asked today by an experienced SW user how to create a perforated sheet material using the sheet metal tools in solidworks ensuring that the perforations are normal to the metal surface and can be constrained within a specified boundary.

It's really simple and I thought it might be a useful thing for other people to know, if you don't already that is! If anyone knows a better way leave a comment!

This is assuming you are a little familiar with sheet metal tools:

Video at

1. Create profile for tunnel

2. Use 'Boss/Base' sheet metal tool to make your half tunnel

3. Check part flattens properly

4. Use the 'Unfold' tool to make your half tunnel a flat sheet that can be worked in

5. On surface, draw your boundary to fill with holes. Complete and close sketch

6. On surface create a profile for your cut in the corner of your boundary

7. Use the 'Extrude Cut' tool to create your 'seed' hole

8. Use the 'Fill Pattern' Tool to customise how your boundary area is filled with
copies of the seed hole

9. Once pattern is complete, use the 'Fold' sheet metal tool to 're-bend' the part to its original shape, now with the patterned holes that are all normal to the curved surface.

10. You're done!

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you should put this in the tutorial side and not the question side.

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