Perforating conical features

I have a problem I cannot get by. I want to perforate the conical features on the mold (attached as SW2010 file) for the air to pass through. I have no problem with flat surfaces, but I do not understand yet how to do it on revolved surfaces.

One option would be manually cut a small hole and make circular pattern out of it. And if I want more holes as the circumference enlargens, I would have to do the each series of holes as separate entities (from bottom to top or vice versa) - first row from the bottom, then second, then next one and et cetera, until I get all the way up.

This takes time, is there any easier way?

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1 Answer

Insert reference geometry axis between right and front plane.
Insert plane reference 1 is front plane reference 2 is face 1 of conical section,
Feature extruded cut for series of holes.
Make a circular linear pattern using axis 1 with the number of series of holes distributed around 360 degrees.
Repeat the process for second face.

Vacuum Mould Rev 01

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