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Photoview 360 animation issue

By Oleksandr Semenchuk on 05 Mar 21:46 3 answers 0 comments

I have an issue trying to render animation with several parts moving relatively to one another. When using the SW Screen mode, everything is fine. However, in PV all the parts just stay still without any movement. I have already tried mate-based movement and a motor but it won't move. Has anybody had a similar problem? Thanks.

3 answers

  • trinityscsp
    trinityscsp over 2 years ago

    Solidworks 2014 (and 2015) has many issues with PV if you don't have a certified video card. In my case, what happens is that fixed parts move around, and several mates are ignored. As long as I know, there is no solution. Take a look here:

  • Fahad Rafi
    Fahad Rafi over 2 years ago

    same here, same problem, I think it's the issue that I don't have a dedicated render card, and my CPU is not powerful enough.

  • trinityscsp
    trinityscsp over 2 years ago

    I used the tip given by Jim Sculley on that link I posted before, and it worked for me, no more flying parts. The render is much slower, but at least it works.

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