Photoview 360 doesn't open

I have a problem with Photoview 360, Its not opening, When I click the preview render, windows is opened and immediately closed, I didnt find any answer about it.
I use Solidworks 2013 student edition
My system is Windows 8 x64 bit, and I have graphic card "NVIDIA GT 240 M"
Please help me!!!

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Install Bonjour (Apple software). Odd but it fixed it for me.


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This may be a dumb question. but have you activated it in the plugins?

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has any1 figured out howto fix this i also have the student version but i have the exact same problem

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@Ricky Graber

Why the bloody hell does that work, I purposefully uninstalled Bonjour because I have no use for anything Apple [EVER], tried to render today, the above problem occurred, saw your post, re-installed, now i'm rendering as I reply.

...But now I have to have Apple software that I didn't ever want, (and hoped never needed), why does this have any effect on solidworks, rendering, and how the hell do I remove it without killing rendering?!?!?! >.<

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friends ya i could fix it....... i have windows 8.1 but i saw on net a suggesstion to install Bounjour.. it worked. Its wierd but it works. Now my photo view is working

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Its weird but it really works. i dont know how its inter connected.. i am running sw2014 on windows 8.1, had same problem. after installing Bounjour, rendering works fine.. no idea how.

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Same problem here! And same weird ass solution worked for me.

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I am having same issue in this. Solid works 2017. I tried all the method has been given above but same result.

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I tried all but bonjour is not working for me.
Does any one have other solution.

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In my opinon the ( not helpful icon) is a worthless part of helping someone. if it works , great. if not,try something else. if you think its wrong, then add your own Idea and move on.

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