Photoview 360 noise

Is there some way to keep Photoview 360 from creating so much noise in the finished product? What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Oh, and why does photoview screw up my checkerboard pattern sometimes? Look at the vertical stabilizer in the attached photo- it is checkered in SW...

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3 Answers

Hi David, the noise you may be referring to I believe is the use of a metallic based paint or metal finish? Are you talking about mainly the red parts of your model? I think it's the program trying to apply a metallic finish and it never seems to quite filter down enough, it also takes longer to render. Try using the white paint under "car paint" and then changing the colour of it by clicking on the white in the model to open up the advance tab and then changing the diffuse colour. You'll find it gives a much smoother appearance. As for the checkerboard part, I have no idea what's going on there!!!!

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