Photoview animation rendering

Hi, I tried to render one animation in photoview and the only result I am getting is 2-3 sec. of render animation and that is all. And duration of animation is 15 sec., so what should I do?

P.S.: I have AMD Radeon HD 7670M, i3-2370M 2.40 GHz and 4 GB of ram.

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Hi Valentin,

Can you upload some screenshots of your settings before you begin your render?

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Thanks! Hmmm, Interesting. One thing I can think of is that, is the 'timer bar' for your animation at 'zero' when you 'save animation to file'?

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So if I understand You I should in option 'frame information' set from zero to time when the animation is at it's end?

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Ummm, not at the end but at the beginning, just before you save. please see attached.

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Darn it! Okay, can you upload the file so that I can cast my expert eye over it?

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Lamellar coupling

In file Assembly_ispravno.SLDASM you have animation.

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