please can anyone give me some details of parametric model in catia ???

how to start with parametric modeling on and how to proceed ??
can anybody help me giving any tutorial or pdf related to parametric modeling and FEA in CATIA V5.

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4 Answers

If you look here, you will find a lot of hints in parametric modelling
the other parts are for DMU kinematic
in near future I will also make a tutorial for finite elements at my youtube channel.


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Do we have an option called parametric design checker in CATIA? If yes please revert me, how to use it and what is its use?

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Hi, you can check my tutorial on parametric design in catia.
Parametric Design in CATIA V5

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I've just launched a new course on PARAMETRIC DESIGN in CATIA.

It's comprehensive course with multiple examples so if you are interested just give it a try.

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