Please Help! Can I add Animated Exploded view on a 2D Drawing?

I have tried to think of a way to include a motion study or animated file in to a 2D drawing with no success , I have also search the web for it and Found only this " " does not have any Tutorial.

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2 Answers

1) You need to create 2D drawing (with dimension and other thing you need) and save as JPG (or other format for background which understand SW)
2) You open your assembly and create exploded view and other thing you want.
3) You need to customize your background. In Edit Scene PropertyManager you choose image and then choose your previous 2d drawing (image paragraph 1) from file location.
4) then set up your assembly scale, position and other view.
So at your video autor create animation in ASSEMBLY.SLDASM with changed background. This is not the 2D drawing with animation in corner.
Best regards.

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Hi Viktor.

Thank you for your answer, I have never thought of that, So, it means theres no way i can make 2d drawing with animated exploded view. Thank you so much.

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